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Software to automate fiscal & legal obligations of your accommodation in Portugal.

About us

Hostkit (formerly SIGA) emerged in 2016 as a solution to solve the problems, bureaucracy and obstacles of legal and fiscal obligations, which all owners, managers, agencies and brokers of holiday rentals and tourist developments are subject to in Portugal.

Hostkit is a software certified by the Portuguese Tax Authority with the number 2549 and has more than 30 integrations with complementary partners and services of the Portuguese government. Channel Managers and PMS like Cloudbeds, Guesty, Beds24, Hostaway, Hostify, RentalWise and MEWS. Marketplaces and services like VATinvoicer, Doinn, Homeit, Stripe, MessageBird, the Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) and the Portuguese National Statistics Institute (INE), just to name a few.

Hostkit is the only software of its kind in Portugal, which increases our responsibility to develop the most relevant tools for the vacation rental sector.

The development of our platform results from sincere feedback from our clients, as well as our own experience as hosts since several years.




Former marketing director of a leading Channel Manager. Owner of 3 properties and Airbnb Superhost. Over 17 years experience with digital products.



Founder of former SIGA. Over 20 years experience in dev, programming and management of IT projects.

More than 30 integrations

Hostkit works with leading channel managers, government services and industry players.

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