Invoicing, SEF, Modelo 30, TMT, INE and more

Automate bureaucracy and operations of your holiday rental and tourist development in Portugal.

Certified invoicing

Hostkit takes care of the tax bogeyman. Automatic invoicing of your bookings, with all legal requirements.

Certified invoicing by the Portuguese Tax Authority nr. 2549
Automatic invoicing of your reservations
Automatic invoicing of management commissions
Automatic SAF-T submission
Independent invoicing of cleaning fee
Unlimited invoicing accounts with different VAT IDs
ATCUD code and communication of invoicing series

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Unlimited SEF bulletins

Submission of accommodation slips to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), with all legal requirements.

Manual or automatic submission of bulletins
Configuration of sending schedule
Submission notifications
Transparent submission status
Unlimited sending of bulletins
Avoid mistakes and fines

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Modelo 30 reverse-charge form

Hostkit does the detective work. Without having to transfer booking lists and filling in weird VAT ids from foreign companies.

Automatic calculation of portal commissions
XML export compatible with the tax authority application
Comprehensive fulfilment of table 8
Attributed as income of type 8
Access to the entire history at any time

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Municipal touristic taxes

No excel formulas and no misunderstandings. Hostkit calculates and collects your city tax (TMT) for each of your bookings.

Automatic calculation by accommodation
Configuration of the amount
Configuration of days
Reporting export
Optional: automatic guest charging at no extra cost

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INE stays report

Don’t waste any more time. Hostkit automatically provides a stay report to the Instituto Nacional de Estatística.

Automatic monthly report
Full report or by accommodation
ICAO format country code
Transparent and intuitive table
Searchable data by any element
Access to the entire history at any time

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Download Airbnb invoices

You download your Airbnb commission invoices manually? We have the solution to automate it!

Download the Chrome Extension
Buy a license key at
Insert your reservation codes in the extension
Wait for the magic to happen
10% discount for all Hostkit clients

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Designed for everyone

Hostkit is 100% scalable to all types of establishments and modus operandi.

STR Owners and Managers

Lodging Establishments

Hospitality Establishments

Touristic Developments

Apartments, BnBs, Boats, Cabins, Camping, Caravans, Farms, Glamping, Guesthouses, Hotels, Hostels, Houses, Resorts, Rooms, Villas, etc

No credit card required. No commissions. No obligations.

Daily operations

Booking management & calendar

Probably the best booking panel and calendar for local accommodation. Managing your bookings has never been easier.

Automatic reservations import via PMS or Airbnb (no fee increase)
Centralised panel and 100% responsive
Able to choose the layout of the columns
Features status (invoice, SEF etc) transparent and intuitive
Elegant calendar, monthly or multi-accommodation

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Dynamic online check-in

Collect personal data, in compliance with the RGPD and through a trusted brand for your guests (iCheckin).

Elegant and 100% responsive
Neutral and trustworthy: sent via the domain
Compliant with the data protection regulation
In 5 languages: Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French
95% conversion rate on data submission by the guests

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Automatic communications

Automate your communications, strengthen relationships with your guests and get better feedback and reviews.

Unlimited sending of emails
SMS and WhatsApp (powered by MessageBird)
Time of trigger based on multiple conditions
Dynamic content placeholders
Flexible content in HTML or text format

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Payments processing

Easily request payment for your additional services and/or TMT from your guests during online check-in.

Charging for any type of service and amount
Automatic city tax, early and late check-in collection
Automatic security deposit authorization
No additional costs (powered by Stripe)

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Staff and tasks management

Streamline your team processes (internal or external) and maintain full control of your operations.

Simple and intuitive task assignment
Unlimited staff accounts, with dedicated panel
Permissions for reservations, calendar and/or invoicing
Set prices per service and employee
Statistics and operational cost tracking

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Income and bookings statistics

Plan safely. Know how much you have received and how much you will receive, at any moment in time, in any place.

Net outstanding, number of new bookings, check-ins etc
Data by period: weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
Data by accommodation, booking channel and occupancy rate
Data based on bookings or invoicing

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More than 30 integrations

Hostkit works with leading channel managers, government services and industry players.

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